What are the benefits of getting up early in the morning?

What are the benefits of getting up early in the morning?
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From childhood, we are told to getting up early to be successful. There is more to work than getting out of bed early in the morning. CEOs of big companies and celebrities do the same. It is also said that magic is good for health. You are happy and you have control over your life.

Despite this kind of good talk, getting up early in the morning does not do any magic nor does it solve the problem of time management but it also has the opposite effect on some people.

benefits of getting up early in the morning

It can have many benefits. At least in the minds of those who are fascinated. Many people say that the things that cause suffocation in the morning are less. The children in the house or other people are sleeping. Messages and emails are also rare at this time. Tim Cook, CEO of technology company Apple, says he wakes up at four in the morning and, even after living in California, sees emails before his East Coast colleague.


In California, when it is 3:45 in the morning, it is 6:45 on the east coast of the United States. Well-known media person and actress Oprah Winfrey wakes up every morning at 6:02 am. After meditation and exercise, she starts her work at nine o’clock. Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg seems to be awake at night instead of enchanted. They wake up at half-past one in the morning. Exercise, play golf, and worship.


Some studies suggest that there may be a link between magic and success. People who get up early have a good rapport with their traditional corporate schedule and are active. They can get better grades in school and college and they can get a big salary. But if you can’t get up early in the morning, you can try some prescriptions.


Exercising early in the morning and getting in the sun as soon as possible increases metabolism and helps to keep the body warm. But waking up with an alarm is not for everyone. If you are not fascinated and you are doing it by force, it can be harmful.

Should everyone get up early?

Magic can make you more efficient, it depends on your genes. Numerous studies have shown that some people are more alert in the morning while others are more alert at night. It is also possible that your speed and mental capacity are highest in the afternoon. This is stated in a report published in the journal Nature Communication.

What are the benefits of getting up early in the morning?

After studying data from more than 700,000 people, researchers have identified 350 genetic factors that determine whether a person feels stronger in the morning or at night. This is the largest study of its kind in terms of sample size. However, more research is needed to confirm the results. So if you are not naturally charming and you decide to get up early, it can hurt you. Some people may have personal reasons for waking up early.


Marilyn Davidson, a professor of work psychology at the University of Manchester, says that there may be other factors that make a person happy and quick to start work, such as enthusiasm and job satisfaction. Parents of young children and employees working under unconventional working hours do not have a discount on when to start their day. The important thing is that waking up early does not lead to immediate success in the office. Sometimes it can have side effects.

Are there any disadvantages to getting up early?

Yes. If you are not usually fascinated and try to do this to increase your creativity, it can be detrimental. Rachel Glass, an associate professor at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, specializes in sleep disorders. He says that if you try to get up at five o’clock two days a week in imitation of someone, you are joking with your body. Getting a good night’s sleep and waking up and sleeping at regular intervals is important. Even more harmful is the lack of sleep to wake up early in the morning. Losing sleep means inviting side effects.


This can lead to loss of focus, restlessness. There is also a risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. So if you have to lose sleep for the sake of magic, avoid it. Silas is visited by many patients who have had sleep deprivation in their youth. When they grew up, changed their lifestyle, had children, they started having problems. Gail Kinman, a professor at the University of Bedfordshire in Luton, England, says that if you start work early in the morning, you need to finish it soon. Otherwise, getting up in the morning won’t do you any good.


They say that high-profile business people who get up early in the morning, stay in the office late, or are available for email at night are doing themselves a disservice. The New York Times recently coined the term “performance workaholism.” This is for those who brag about getting up in the morning and working late into the night and this is not a positive example. “CEOs are role models for employees,” said Kinman. It is irresponsible to consider this kind of behavior necessary.

What should you do?

Experts believe that you should not listen to anyone but try it yourself. Find out what’s best for you. Magic may not work for you. Consider when you feel tired and refreshed. When you get a holiday, see when you fall asleep and when your eyes open on their own. Try to adapt your daily routine accordingly. In this way, you will be able to make full use of your natural energy.


When it comes to an office or team, experts suggest that adjustments should be made to the best performance according to everyone’s habits. Suzanne Steak, director of the Management Communications Program at New York University, suggests that offices and teams should use the technique of ‘appreciation in inquiry’. In this, at the beginning of a project, all the people sit together and discuss their personal needs, routines and preferences so that the team can be linked.


For example, if one’s child is small, he has to get up at five in the morning and the child has to be kept in daycare, then he cannot stay long. It should be adjusted in the team. If the team leader’s attitude is flexible, the one who starts work early in the morning can be sent home early in the afternoon. People who work in this way will also get the benefit of getting up early and they will also avoid fatigue.

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