How to unblock WhatsApp if you are blocked on the app

unblock on whatsapp
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How to unblock WhatsApp if you are blocked on the app: WhatsApp has millions of users from all over the world, so it’s very likely that most of your friends and family have an account on the app. This makes it very important to know how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp if you’ve been blocked by someone with whom you regularly interact via the app. These 5 easy steps will help you learn how to unblock yourself on WhatsApp in no time!

Why do I get blocked?

Blocking someone on WhatsApp means that both parties will be unable to see each other in their contacts list. This can be very useful when it comes to avoiding those pesky sales calls from close friends and family or even keeping your professional life separate from your personal one. However, some people do get blocked for reasons that aren’t so clear, so it’s not uncommon for users of all levels of technical knowledge to have questions about how exactly blocking works. Read on for some answers as well as a way you can unblock yourself if need be.


What are they going to see when I’m blocked?

If you’re wondering why someone might block you, it could be for a number of reasons. It may be that they don’t want other people seeing your private messages, or perhaps they just didn’t like what was being said in group chats. And it can go both ways; maybe you think a friend is being less than truthful or blocking someone because they no longer have time for them and feel bad about cutting ties altogether. Whatever your reason for being blocked, it might seem like an endless cycle: If person A blocks person B and person B has their phone number saved as person A, what happens when person A wants to reach out?

How to unblock WhatsApp if you are blocked on the app

How can I remove myself from the block list?

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging and voice-over IP service owned by Facebook. The client software is available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Linux, BlackBerry OS, and other mobile operating systems, while an online web interface is available in addition to WAP. In August 2016, WhatsApp had a user base of up to one billion,[10] making it the most globally popular messaging application. It has been controversial for its end-to-end encryption since 2016.[11][12] On February 24th, 2017, it was announced that Facebook would be buying them for 19 billion dollars. On July 25th, 2018 they will lose their encryption and use FBs servers instead.


Is there a way how I can avoid being added to the block list in the future?

The answer is simple. You will have to delete your account from WhatsApp and create a new one, which means that all of your friends who were added to your previous number will be deleted from their contacts list. If you’re willing to take such a step, we recommend that you don’t save any data or documents in your chat history before deleting your account and creating a new one with a new phone number. This way, no one will be able to access them once they re-add you onto their list after adding your new number. Once again, it should be said that there is no other way how you can avoid being added to another person’s blocklist if they decide so.


Can I still send messages while being blocked?

Yes. As I mentioned above, users can still see and send messages to people who block them, so your best bet is just to follow those instructions. If that’s not an option, however, there is one other way to do it: You can create a new WhatsApp account without informing your ex that you did so. Then, as long as your new account number isn’t added to their address book yet (which you can easily do from your existing account), they won’t be able to see or message with you again unless they go through the same process themselves. This isn’t ideal for obvious reasons—you’re basically forcing them into following in your footsteps and creating a whole new account—but it’s better than nothing!


How long am I going to be blocked for?

WhatsApp doesn’t exactly have a block feature, so when you are blocked by someone (like your boyfriend or girlfriend) it means that person has muted or ignored your messages. The person will still see your messages but won’t receive a notification about them. If someone is ignoring your messages for an extended period of time, then chances are you will be automatically blocked and unable to send new ones. So what can you do about it? Let us show you how easy it is to unblock yourself from WhatsApp! You can continue messaging and re-establishing contact with that person once again.
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